Days of the Week

Knowing the numbers from 1- 12 allow you to learn a lot of other vocab groups very easily. One of them are the days of the week.

Monday is simply day one, Tuesday day two and so on in Mandarin. The only day which doesnt follow this rule is Sunday. There are two ways to say Sunday one is xīngqītiān (星期天) and the second is xīngqī rì(星期日).

Days of the week

Tiān(天) alone means day and rì (日) alone could also mean day but also means sun. The difference between tiān(天) and rì (日) is that tiān(天) is used in words such as today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow. rì (日) in contrast is used to describe a date. Both will be discussed in more detail in a later poast.

Additional useful words to describe the day of the week are:

Days of the week

This Blog can also be downloaded under:Days of the week


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