Numbers 100- 100,000,000

Similar to counting up to 100, the Numbers in Mandarin to 9,000. hundred in Mandarin is băi (百), similar to english, is one hundred yìbăi (一百), this goes up to 900.

Thousand in Mandarin means qiān (千). One thouasand is yìqiān(一千), two thousand èrqiān (二千). This goes up all the way to 9,000

Here are some examples for numbers up to 9,000.

100 + 1000

From 10,000 onwards it becomes for westerners a bit confusing. The first time I met my girlfriend I was a bit confused when we talked about numbers above 10,000 that she asked me how many 0 the number got.

When starting to learn Mandarin i found out where she got confused in English. Other than in European langauges, 10,000 is a seperate counting unit. 10,000 in Mandarin is wàn (万) Same as with băi (百) and qiān (千), is 20,000 èr wàn。Wàn is used to count all the way up to 10,000, 000. Onehundred thousand in Mandarin is shí wàn (十万), one million is yìbăiwàn(一百万), and ten million is yìqiānwàn (一千万). From hunhundred million onwards the counting unit yì(亿)is used. Up to know i did not had to use any number above wàn .(万)

100 + 1000

The blog is also available to download: Numbers 100-100,000,000


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